What does a car diagnostic test do?
A car diagnostic test unveils problems with the transmission, engine, fuel tank, exhaust system and other components of the vehicle. Nowadays, vehicles will come with sensors, processors and microchips that can be connected to a car diagnostic system to locate problems in different parts of a car. However, a car diagnostic system can only tell you what module parameters are working incorrectly. Ultimately, the cause and details of the problem are left to be identified by a skilled technician

Benefits of a car diagnostic test.
By diagnosing your car regularly, you can identify minute problems and correct them before the problems get bigger and cause more harm to your vehicle, which would then cost much more in repairs. Diagnosing your car also allows you to save money by giving you the information needed to correctly replace or repair a part instead of guessing which part is not working correctly and potentially wasting hundreds of dollars in purchasing the wrong parts.

How often should you bring your car for diagnostic testing?
You need not wait until there’s a check engine light before you bring your car in for a diagnostic test. If you feel or hear something that is unusual, you should bring your car for a diagnostic test to find out what is causing that abnormal noise or feeling. You should also bring your car in for a diagnostic test at least once a year in order to uncover minor issues that won’t trigger the check engine light, can’t be seen, heard or felt.
When buying a car, it’s also useful to bring it in for a diagnostic test to check the condition of the car before purchasing it to ensure you are not buying a lemon.

Why you should bring your car to Garage R for diagnostic testing.
Since 1965, our workshop has surfaced as the highest standard of the business, providing the technicians and tools for servicing and troubleshooting needs for different makes and models of vehicles. As such, we take pride in keeping our workshop in prime condition with regular cleanings and a tight system of organization. The workshop consists of nine heavy duty hoists, including a computerized wheel alignment machine, digital diagnostics tools, an engine room and a transmission room. In addition, our experienced specialists are extremely well-versed in this spectrum of equipment and have been through rigorous and specialized training overseas; namely China and Japan. With adequate infrastructure and skilled labour, we never compromise on safety and quality, and promise to put our best foot forward in undertaking any tasks at hand.