When on the subject of turbocharged cars, you may hear the term BOV or Blow-Off Valve being thrown around, but what is it and what does it actually do?
A blow-off valve is a device that releases excessive boost pressure that results from the throttle closing suddenly while under boost either into the atmosphere, or back into the the non-pressurised end of the intake.

A blow-off valve is important as it is used to prevent what is known as compressor surge. Compressor surge is a phenomenon that occurs when the throttle is suddenly closed while under boost in an unvented, turbocharged engine. This creates a sound known as “turbo flutter” and increases stress on the bearings and compressor impeller, shortening the lifespan of your turbocharger.
Therefore, if you want to prolong the lifespan of your turbocharger, it is imperative that you incorporate a blow-off valve into your turbocharged vehicle.
Blow-off valves are also installed on cars even if they do not need it as they are attractive to car enthusiasts due to it producing a wide range of distinct, hissing noises depending on the exit design, when activated.

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