Nowadays, there are various mobile applications(apps) that we have installed on our phones with the ability to make payments and transactions more efficient and seamless. Of course, there are added benefits that the apps might provide, including cash back and points that can be redeemed for vouchers, discounts, etc. Fortunately, Garage R has been keeping up with the times and we have been officially onboarded as a GrabPay Merchant! This is great news to our customers as you will now be able to use GrabPay to pay for our products and services rendered over the counter!

You might be wondering… What are the benefits of using GrabPay to perform a digital payment?

1. Grab Points
While making a payment via the Grab app, you will be rewarded with points that you can use later on to exchange for other goods and services within the Grab app itself. You can open up your GrabRewards tab on your Grab app to take a look at the available list of rewards you can redeem for, including transport, shopping, food & beverage needs!

2. Credit Card Points/ Miles
You can earn credit card points or miles (depending on what credit card you have signed up for and it’s benefits) when you top up your GrabPay Wallet!

3. Cashless
Your phone has basically become your digital wallet and this will make payments more convenient for you as you need not carry cash around.

4. Spending Reports
Tired of keeping track of your spending habits? Grab will be able to help you out by storing this information online and it is easily accessible (and downloadable) for you to monitor your spending for the duration specified.

With so many advantages of using GrabPay, you can consider using GrabPay as an alternative method of paying at Garage R on your next visit! If you are unsure about the steps on making payment via GrabPay, please feel free to approach our friendly staffs at the counter and they will be more than happy to help you out! See you soon!