Due to increased demand for aesthetics and wheel designs, we have decided to expand our current collection of wheels for our customers! We have SSR, AME, Enkei, etc for you to choose from for your vehicle and we are dedicated to bring you high quality products at affordable pricing!

Why these selective brands of wheels? We are committed to only genuine and high-quality products here at Garage R and we know that our customers deserve to get the best value out of your purchase. We are proud of the cars that come down to get wheels from us and we always look to feature these installations on our social media because after all, we are motor enthusiasts by nature and we love to share your post with others who might incidentally be looking to get a similar wheel design too.

We have a comprehensive list of wheel designs that can complement your vehicle look, including different colours, sizing and designs catered to your taste and preference. Whether it is a more aggressive stance you might be going for, or a cleaner and meaner look, we have it all! The beauty of wheels lies in differentiating yourself from others as you will be the envy of many with your head turning looks. If you are deciding to don a body kit, you will definitely be intending to change your wheels as well to suit the overall look.

Besides having that aesthetic appeal, our selection of performance wheels is set to improve your driving quality as well. This includes having light weight characteristics to increase velocity, as well as rigidity to enhance your handling capabilities. Depending on how you want your car to perform, you can decide to increase or decrease your wheel size from your stock setup. In this regard, our experienced service advisors will be able to recommend the perfect wheel size for you and give you the up sides and down sides of changing your wheel and new tyre profile!

Visit us today at Garage R, 8 Tagore Drive #01-00, S787624 to find out more! Alternatively, feel free to drop us a Facebook PM or give us a call at 64539136 and we will be more than happy to assist you!