Owning and driving an European Car has seen a huge influx in Singapore, having some of these more popular makes getting a sizeable market share on the Land Transport Authority car registry. Surprised? Well, not to us. European cars have become relatively cheaper than before mostly due to the currency and exchange rate. In addition, we acknowledge European car manufacturers doing a fantastic job in their Research & Development to improve car practicality and reliability, starting from engine oil recommendations from auto and oil manufacturers.

LTA Statistics For Cars Registered In 2009 and 2019
Car Make      2009         2019
Audi               5590        2029
BMW             22871      44720
Mercedes      27621      61048
Source: https://www.lta.gov.sg/content/dam/ltagov/who_we_are/statistics_and_publications/statistics/pdf/MVP01-6_Cars_by_make.pdf

For a start, we look at oil and specifications and how it has allowed us to understand how we can better recommend suitable engine oils for your European car model. European cars have their own car engine oil performance specifications, having respective charts that suggest different viscosity for different operating temperature range. Despite this recommendation, climate plays a huge part in deciding what kind of viscosity to use as well. In a colder climate, the OEM recommendation might be 5W-30. In a warmer climate, 5W-40. This recommendation ideally stems from experiencing good cold-flow at start up to protect against wear and good resistance to heat once operating temperatures are reached. Also, it is recommended to use fully synthetic engine oils with recognized accreditation (such as API/ACEA) that certify the engine oil meets the minimum performance standards as required by the auto manufacturers.

European car manufacturers have made it more foolproof for the appropriate engine oil to provide better performance and easier maintenance for car owners all over the world. With this understanding, this have allowed us to recommend the HKS Euro 5W-40 Engine Oil for our customers who drive Continental makes and models (no matter BMW, Audi, Merc, Mini, etc)in Singapore. This fully synthetic engine oil falls into the Super Oil Premium Lineup of HKS and is ACEA accredited. Having a viscosity of 5W40, it is also perfect for application in our warm weather. High quality engine oils continue to be one of the most essential and critical factors in maintenance, making your car ownership for European cars more enjoyable wherever you are. Not on the HKS Euro 5W40 yet? Come down to grab it for your next servicing due!

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