What is a tyre rotation and tyre balancing service?
A tyre rotation involves swapping around the positions of a set of tyres to even out wear. For example, moving the front set of tyres to the rear and the rear set of tyres to the front or the left side set of tyres to the right side and vice versa.
A tyre balancing involves making sure that the weight of the tyre, when mounted on its wheel and the vehicle’s axle, is equally distributed around the axle. This is done by placing a number of counter weights on certain parts of the wheel to even out the weight of the wheel.

Why should you rotate your tyres regularly?
You should rotate your tyres regularly as irregular suspension, a vehicle’s drivetrain or improper alignment of the wheels can cause your tyres to wear out unevenly and can result in a significant drop in handling performance which could be dangerous in emergency situations. For example, for a front-wheel-drive vehicle, the front wheels handle the steering and acceleration which results in the front tyres wearing out quicker than the rear wheels. If road conditions are not ideal, such as a wet road due to rain, your car may be harder to handle since the front wheels are worn out.

By rotating your tyres regularly, you can improve the handling of your vehicle, prolong the lifespan of your tyres and as a result, save you money.

Why should you balance your tyres regularly?
When mounting new tyres onto a wheel for the first time, as they are both separate components, the weight distribution of the wheel will most likely be imperfect which means you will need to balance them. However, it doesn’t just stop there! You will still need to balance your tyres regularly as even after balancing the wheels, you may encounter bumps and potholes which can cause uneven wear of your tyres and hence also result in an unbalanced weight distribution. Having an unbalanced weight distribution can result in an uncomfortable ride, premature wear of suspension and steering components, increased fuel consumption, steering wheel wobble and car vibrations which can be extremely annoying and hazardous.

Balancing your tyres regularly will help to ensure that the aforementioned problems will not occur as likely.

Why should you carry out your tyre rotation and balancing at Garage R?
Here at Garage R, we have highly trained and experienced mechanics that can help ensure that every job is done to the highest of standards. While you wait for your car to be finished, you can enjoy the complimentary hot drinks in our air-conditioned waiting area with TV and free Wi-Fi for you to surf the Internet.