Exhaust modifications are normally one of the most common aftermarket upgrades that you might want to do on your car. The three biggest factors that influence purchasing of aftermarket exhaust systems are aesthetics, sound improvement and performance gain. Changing to a titanium/ stainless steel muffler or tail pipe design for example adds that sporty look to your car, and also makes your exhaust the focal point in the appearance of the vehicle. Louder and deeper sounding exhausts also attract a lot of attention to your car, and as the driver himself, it might be an adrenaline boost and music to his ears. Performance gains are also very important to some drivers who are starting their tuning journey. This is because aftermarket exhaust systems provide smoother bends/ straighter pipes which means that there will be lesser air flow restriction; achieving more efficient air flow and better performance.

So, you have decided to get a brand new or used aftermarket exhaust for your car. What’s next?

Well, our recommendation to you will be to make sure that the aftermarket exhaust system that you are looking to buy for your vehicle is LTA approved! The exhaust system, which consists of the exhaust manifold, catalytic converter and muffler is used as part of a vehicle’s exhaust-emission control system to ensure that the exhaust emission meets environmental standards. If it is a new exhaust, it is essential to have the legal and proper certification* provided by the official retailer/ reseller of the exhaust. If it is a used exhaust, please make sure to do a change of ownership** on the certification at the official retailer/ reseller of the exhaust.

Before installing the exhaust, do take note that there is a serial number labelled on the exhaust that must be clearly visible. This is for the inspection personnel to verify that the information on the certification tallies with the exhaust serial number. Once you have installed the exhaust, please proceed to book an online appointment with any inspection centre (STA/ VICOM) and head down with the certification to complete the approval process.

* – This is the official document that can only be provided by the exclusive distributor of the exhaust brand. Please check and confirm with the respective distributors.
** – This is the process to certify the legal transfer of ownership from the previous to the new owner of the exhaust before heading down for inspection.


At Garage R, we are the exclusive distributors for HKS, Tanabe and J’s Racing as of October 2019. As such, if you are looking to get a new exhaust from any of these brands, do take note that certifications can only be done at our office at Garage R, 8 Tagore Drive #01-00, S787624. Alternatively, if you are looking to get a used exhaust from another seller, do take note that change of ownerships can only be done by us as well. In the event that the previous owner has lost his certification, you will be required to place an order for a brand-new certificate to prepare yourself for the inspection.

As we see more and more cars installing aftermarket exhaust systems, we cannot help but notice a change of the kind of cars that are installing such systems well. We see more mass-market car owners coming in to request for these modifications to stand out from their peers who own the same car, and the way they have managed to dress up their cars are very impressive too. To those who are on their current after market exhaust system, congratulations! For those who are considering to get their very own upgrade, do make sure to follow the steps above to enable a smooth exhaust transfer and inspection process!