A lot of people don’t think too much about their spark plugs, yet these spark plugs play a crucial role in making your car run. Without proper working spark plugs, your car will most likely not be able to function at all!

So firstly, what are spark plugs and what do they do?
Spark plugs are components that are located in your engine’s combustion chamber and it helps to ignite the compressed air-fuel mixture in your engine in order to carry out the combustion process which creates power. In diesel vehicles, you will not find spark plugs as compared to gasoline, diesel’s self-ignition temperature is lower than that of gasoline and will self-ignite with just the compression from the piston.

When should I change my spark plugs?
As the spark plugs begin to reach the end of their lifespan, the gap between the electrodes begins to widen which can lead to reduced efficiency and misfiring. If the spark plug deteriorates to the point where it could break, it can cause serious damage to the engine’s cylinders which is extremely expensive to repair if it happens. Therefore, be sure to consult your vehicle’s owners’ manual to check the lifespan of your sparkplugs and never let your spark plugs exceed their usage lifespan.

Advantages of choosing HKS spark plugs over conventional spark plugs.
HKS spark plugs have decreased voltage requirements which strengthens ignition performance under harsh conditions such as a leaner air-fuel mixture or high boost pressure, the new material and design improve durability which allows for use under hard combustion conditions such as continuous high load during circuit driving or aggressive tuning, and the thermal edge and spark support gap helps to prevent carbon build-up for better ignition under various combustion conditions.

Here at Garage R, we carry HKS spark plugs for a wide variety of engines and they are suitable for use in both tuned engines along with stock engines.
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