It has been nearly a decade since the release of a Garage R edition performance car. In the past, these cars constituted of the infamous Honda Civics (EG and EKs), followed by the Mitsubishi Evolutions (CT9A and CZ4As) and finally the Nissan GTRs (R35). It was partly due to the fact that we were very much involved in the racing scene, having won more than 100 races both locally and overseas. Garage R has always been at the forefront of the motorsport’s scene, and having big brands such as HKS, DIxcel, etc providing the highest quality of performance products definitely helps.

Fast forward to today’s motorsport or track scene, there are a bulk of older cars that continue to drive to the Sepang International Circuit to attempt to set personal best timings such as the Civic Type R (FD2R), S2000s, Evolution IX/X, etc and more. While there might have been other notable Japanese performance cars that have appeared in the last few years such as the Civic Type Rs (FK2R and FK8R) and the Toyota 86/ Subaru BRZ, there has been nothing quite like the Suzuki Swift Sport ZC33S in terms of affordability, fun and potential that you can squeeze out of it’s K14C boosterjet engine. The fact that it has an aluminium light weight chassis (970 KG) will also cause its weight to power/ torque ratio to be amazingly low, and we can all agree that for a turbo-charged car, that is extremely important. Interestingly, the first ever Suzuki Swift Sport ZC33S challenged the Sepang International Circuit on a night track day and clocked a timing of 2.43.928 for its first run. (Read more at ) This result was very impressive, and it has led us to believe that the Suzuki Swift Sport ZC33S might be a suitable and potential candidate as a seasoned track goer.

Introducing the Garage R ZC33S. This car’s setup will be built strictly with the close supervision of the Garage R Management. There is no fixed indication of the final horsepower that the car will achieve nor will we disclose all the parts that we will be fixing on the car right now. The main aim, however, is to set a good benchmark to other Suzuki Swift Sport ZC33S out there in Singapore, and of course, to strive for better timings at Sepang International Circuit as well.  After all, the Suzuki Swift Sport ZC33S is a performance car, and it has been a global hit all around the world too. By intending to create the Garage R ZC33S, it will definitely raise some eyebrows to people around the world, especially in the Suzuki Swift (Sport) community and network.

Are you excited? Because we will start to install the goodies onto the Garage R ZC33S very soon!