Yes!!!! It is official, the brand new Suzuki Swift Sport ZC33S has seen it’s debut during the ACM X Garage R Track Day at the Sepang International Circuit!

There were high expectations for the 1.4 Turbo Boosterjet Suzuki Swift Sport to perform, especially since it is a car that has been globally recognized as a pocket rocket that has tons of potential, given it’s light weight capabilities with an impressive weight and power to torque ratio (possibly the best we have ever seen!)! What’s more, this ZC33S has been upgraded with performance parts from HKSCusco and Dixcel and ECU-tuned to a whopping 197 BHP.

Please refer below to the current setup:

1. HKS Spec L Exhaust
Designed with the idea of weight reduction for performance.
2. HKS Metal Catalyzer
Large diameter piping with smooth bend angles for better power and response
3. HKS Hipermax 4 SP
Best handling and grip for cornering and stability
4. HKS Blow Off Valve
Pull-type relief design that produces super sound
5. HKS Turbo GT3
Bigger diameter of compressor and turbine wheel to increase maximum flow rate
6. HKS Intercooler
Specially designed core is twice bigger than stock capacity with smoother piping layout
7. HKS Power Editor
Simple plug and play to increase boost pressure
8. Cusco Rear Sway Bar
Reduced body roll and larger diameter and steel strength bar which improves stability
9. Cusco Front Strut Bar
Essential to prevent misalignment of suspension mounting points experienced during high cornering loads
10. Dixcel Front & Rear Brake Rotors/ Pads
Better braking performance and stopping power
11. Dimsport Ecu Tuning
Vehicle dramatically achieves better torque and engine responsiveness

Although this ZC33S is decked with a slew of aftermarket markets as shown above, it is also equipped with a bulky sound system and sound proofing material all around the car that easily adds a good amount of weight! Despite the additional weight, the car still managed to achieve an impressive timing of 2.43.928 for it’s first run at the Sepang International Circuit. Of course there are many other improvements that the car has yet to do, including intake and cooling upgrades. As turbo-charged cars are more prone to overheating due to higher temperatures caused by the turbocharger, the ZC33S was unable to attempt more laps due to rising oil temperatures as well.

Overall, it was a good show put on by this Burning Red Suzuki Swift Sport ZC33S! The super sound created by the HKS Blow Off Valve and HKS Spec L Exhaust system definitely piqued the interest of many onlookers who were excited to see the car zoom past the holding pits. Hopefully, we will be seeing more and more Swift Sports on the road and on the track soon enough! For potential owners who are looking for a weekend track car or even a daily drive, the ZC33S will be able to do both equally as well, providing a 16.3km/litre fuel consumption while displaying performance car characteristics! For existing owners, this will definitely be a good benchmark that has been set for you if you are intending to clock your very own timings at the Sepang International Circuit!