Lester Wong is the founder of Garage R in 1994 and have since participated in several races in different parts of the ASEAN region and have clocked absurd hot lap timings that have yet to be defeated yet. He was also nicknamed the “Rain Master” as he was undefeated back in his active days as a Racer when it was it was raining or when the roads were wet. Till today, Lester Wong remains partly involved in the motorsports scene as he has since moved to other commitments. He was cordially invited to do a review of the Brand New Suzuki Swift Sports ZC33S and we are all excited and lucky to have him back.


Lester narrowed down this review into to sub-parts namely Suspension (Handling) and Power (Acceleration). From his experience, he gave pointers to the technical aspects of the car. The review took place at Lower Pierce Reservoir, which was Lester’s ideal place to take any car for a spin to test the car.



When approaching and tackling bends, you can really test the grip and handling of a car, and for the Swift Sport, you can feel each wheel planted very strongly to the road surface. It is highly predictable with these factory tyres that we are on. Also, there is some noticeable under-steer at the limit. It is normal as this car is also a front wheel drive. All you need to do is to back off the throttle a little to get back on to the track. There are speed-bumps along this path as well, and the suspension absorbs it very nicely. Whenever you have a lighter chassis with a shorter wheel base, you tend to compromise the ride and handling of the car, but somehow the Suzuki engineers managed to pull it off with an excellent suspension geometry, spring and absorber damping rates. They have really put in alot of effort in the suspension department to produce this sort of linear damping. I also know that these shock absorbers are manufactured by Monroe, which explains alot of the handling power.

Overall, the car picks up all the paths very nicely. It has the firmness that the suspension offers but yet it is not to the extent of it being too harsh. The body roll itself is also minimal and the fact that this car is right out of the box from the factory in Japan is really amazing because the handling in itself is amazing. Can i also say one more thing? This car is spacious enough as well and I personally think that it is a good car for a family like mine. Suzuki has really outdone themselves.



I know that i read off the net that this car was light, but i did not expect this kind of power or torque to weight ratio. I mean, the lightness of the vehicle weight can be felt right off the line. Well i guess that is the main focal point for these performance-oriented cars… for power to weight ratio to match. It is great, and there is virtually no turbo lag despite the small engine displacement. This can be attributed to modern turbo charger designs with integrated exhaust manifolds. It’s brilliant man. The chassis as well, can definitely handle more power. It feels rigid and this really minds me of the good old days racing.

The Engine has a soft rev limiter programmed into it, which is gentle to the engine’s crankshaft. Good news to the weekend track heroes. It will be ideal if they raise their factory rev limit by another 500rpm though… This engine is also equipped with a manual turbo actuator. That means you can fit a boost controller and crank up another 20-30 hp easily. I think HKS has already gotten these figured out as well. Definitely a must for the car. Also, the fuel mixture tends to be richer from the factory so it is still safe. The in-gear acceleration is even better than expected. Fantastic. I do not believe this car does only 8 seconds. From what i have just felt driving, it seems much faster. Also, I realized that the boost kicks in at 2.5k rpm which is fine. I think this car has alot of potential and i think current owners will lavish in the brilliant set up that the Suzuki Swift Sport brings to the table. This was really enjoyable, although now… my hand is a little tired from all the shifting (haha).