We have the brand new Protune R Series BBK that has just been officially released at Garage R!

We have redesigned the brake caliper kit for higher braking ability and control and we have used forged material for lightweight and high rigidity. Furthermore, we have included the Protune R slotted rotors that increases heat dissipation and suppresses brake fade, giving better stopping power and shortened stopping distances, even in wet conditions. The Protune R brake pads are also meant to provide fade resistance, good friction level and pedal feel on first application. With a larger size and disc area, coupled with gripper brake pads, it is meant to improve overall handling and braking power and hold this level of performance throughout the entire braking cycle. To take note that we do have applicable stainless steel braided hoses for you as well as part of the kit/ package!

Of course, with the new revamped logo and the striking “R” flashed across the brake calipers, it makes for a better aesthetic appeal on your ride. There is a wide range of colors you can choose from to compliment the color of your car and your wheels too, and you get to choose among the different caliper and rotors sizes for customization. Of course, it is recommended that you upgrade your wheels and tyres from stock as well if you were to get yourself a BBK so if you are looking for recommendations on that, please feel free to reach out to us as well!

The Protune R Series BBK is now available for pre-order! Do PM us for more enquiries! Alternatively, please check out our online retail shop at https://shop.hks-garager.com.sg/!for more awesome products like this!