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CNY PROMO! Stand a chance to win a free HKS servicing package with every HKS DDR/DSR purchase from 9 January 2020 to 8 February 2020!

  • There will be 3 winners who will be contacted via their phone number at the end of the promotion.
  • Each bottle counts as one chance! The more you buy, the more likely you will win!
  • Servicing package includes: 4L engine oil, engine oil filter, 25 point safety check, engine bay detailing and car wash + vacuum

Family & Friends 5+1 Rewards Program

Introducing Garage R's first reward program for customers to share their servicing package bundle with their friends and family members who own cars as well!
Buy 5 standard servicing packages and get 1 complimentary servicing package from us!

How Does It Work:
The purchaser of the "5+1" servicing package will be issued a Sales Order with a Reference No. labelled on it. The purchaser then can share his remaining servicing packages available with his family & friends. Upon redeeming, the Service Advisers at Garage R will request the friend or family member to confirm the Reference No. and the Name of the Purchaser that they will be redeeming their servicing package from. The Service Adviser will also give a call to the Purchaser for him to acknowledge the redemption of the servicing package before proceeding to carry out the servicing.

Standard Servicing Package Includes:
- 4L HKS Engine Oil (5.5W38)
- Engine Oil Filter
- 25 Point Safety Check
- Engine Bay Detailing
- Car Wash & Vacuum

Terms & Conditions
1. Rewards program only valid in-store (Garage R Performance Centre Pte Ltd, 8 Tagore Drive #01-00, S787624)
2. When purchasing the servicing package, it will be subject to the price of the HKS Technical Factory Series 5.5W38 Basic Engine Oil Servicing($138 RRP per 4L).
3. Full payment of 5 standard 4L servicing packages is required to get 1 complimentary standard servicing package from Garage R.  There will be no returns or refunds once payment has been accepted.
4. When redeeming from the service package, do take note that if your car engine oil capacity is larger than 4L, Garage R will pro-rate accordingly . Please seek the Service Advisers help for the various top up amounts that will be subject to the additional volume of engine oil needed.
5. When redeeming from the service package, you can choose from the whole selection of HKS engine oil available (HKS Technical Factory Series, HKS Super Oil Premium, HKS Racing Pro, etc). Please seek the Service Advisers help for the various top up amounts that will be subject to the different selection of HKS engine oil available.
6. There will be a 24 months expiry period from the date of purchase; as reflected in the Sales Order.
7. For payment methods, Nets, cash, bank transfer and credit/debit cards can be accepted. For installment plans, Citibank Credit Card will be subject to 4.5% interest per annum for 12 months.
8. The servicing package is shareable among friends and families. When redeeming from the service package, please take note that Garage R will contact the purchaser of the servicing package via a phone call to double confirm that there will be redemption from his/her package. The Sales Order number will also be needed.
9. The Rewards Program cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion. Additional restrictions may apply.
10. Garage R reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.


Smash that "LIKE" button on our Facebook Page and give us a review to get a 5% DISCOUNT OFF YOUR SERVICING PACKAGE!

Our Servicing Packages are applicable to every make and model. To find out which kind of engine oil to use and what viscosity will be most ideal for your car, you can give our workshop/ performance centre a call at 6453 9136 to seek recommendations from our technical advisers!

See you soon! 🙂



The long awaited SSR promotion is finally here! Looking to replace your current rims with sportier, better looking rims? For a limited time only, there will be a buy 3 get 1 free promotion for any SSR rims!

A stylish ride needs to be accompanied with stylish rims. With SSR, you can ensure that your rims are of the highest quality and best of all, they have a wide variety of designs and sizes to choose from.

Terms and Conditions:
1. No refunds or exchanges will be entertained after purchase
2. Promotion applicable to all SSR rims
3. As rims are on an indent basis, a waiting time of about 8-12 weeks is needed
4. All methods of payment are accepted
5. A deposit of $500 is needed for pre-order
6. Price of rims does not include GST but includes installation
7. No trade-ins
8. Promotion cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotions
9. Garage R Performance Centre Pte. Ltd. reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without prior notice


Love a good deal? Starting from the 11/11/2019 until 15/12/2019, there will be a promotion for selected car models for the Tanabe Suspension CR & CR40!! For those looking to improve their handling and ride performance, this is YOUR CHANCE to upgrade to the Tanabe performance suspension systems at a fantastic price!

Car models include popular vehicles like the Honda Fit, Vezel, Civic, Stream, Mitsubishi Lancers, Toyota Estimas, Wish, Alphard and more!

PM us today to find out more!

Terms and Conditions:
1. Deposit of 50% to be made upon order
2. As the suspensions are sold on an indent basis, there will be a waiting time of about 6-8 weeks
3. No refunds or exchanges will be entertained after purchase
4. Garage R Performance Centre Pte. Ltd. reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without prior notice
5. All payment methods are accepted
6. Promotion cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts


From the 01/08/2019 to the 31/08/2019, Garage R will be organizing a HKS Original Container giveaway via Instagram!

There will be 3 HKS Original Containers to be given away to the top three posts that have the highest number of likes. After the entry deadline, Garage R will determine the winners after strict screening and counting and the winners will be announced on Facebook/ Instagram.

To enter the contest,
1. Follow @hksgarager on Instagram
2. Please take a photo of your car that must be equipped with a HKS product
3. Hashtag "HKSshowoffsg" and tag 2 friends in your post


Terms & Conditions
1. Your own car must be in the photo
2. Your HKS product must be seen clearly
3. Taken photos must not break any traffic laws or violate any copyright, public order, morals and privacy of others
4. As your photos might be viewed by other contestants, please censor or hide your license plate
5. The post is effective only once for each person
6. Necessary measures such as cancellation of the prize can be taken only if the Garage R determines that the contributor violated the terms of this contest, and if the contributor is damaged in relation to this
7. Garage R won`t be responsible for any loss, liability, damage, expenses or other claims arising out of participating in or winning the contest
8. Although the contest is run with great care, there is no guarantee as to its completeness, accuracy or safety
9. Garage R may change or cancel all or part by circumstances for this contest. If it`s determined that the content can be changed without giving notice to the participants, and it`s possible to take necessary measures to ensure proper operation
10. Garage R reserves the right to use any photograph that has been submitted for this contest, without the expressed written permission of those included within the photograph
11. Garage R may use the photographs in publications or any media material produced, used or contracted by Garage R



From today (11/08/2018) till 09/09/2018, we will be be having a promotion for the HKS Gear Oil (G900-G1400). 

Choose which viscosity and how many cans (1L) you are interested to purchase!
1 x (1L) Cans - $98
2 x (1L) Cans - $158
3  x (1L)Cans
- $188
Promotional prices shown above are Nett (Inclusive of GST & Labour)!!!

Garage R ballooned to fame in the late 90s because of our dedication to racing and the automotive performance scene. At any track-day event, club meets or "unofficial" races, you will see the Garage R crew hustling to strive to be the first in everything. Everything had to be perfect, and we had to be number 1. This promotion will be a tribute to the cars that brought us stardom, and the stick shifts that will always give drivers the "thrill to race".




On the 8/9, let us celebrate 53 years of independence! Garage R Singapore has launched it's $89.53 promo for National Day Celebration! Swing by from the 6th to the 11th of August to claim this FABULOUS DEAL!

This Deal Includes 4 Amazing HKS Products:

  • Newly developed premium engine oil applicable on a wide range of uses while having high oil film retention performance in conventional high temperature range.
  • With various types of viscosity setting, HKS Super Oil Premium is applicable to vehicles of all genres such as turbo car, NA car, ECO car etc.
  • Ideal selections for tuning engines, older vehicles, eco cars, compact cars and large displacement vehicles
  • Excellent performance form normal to high load applications



4. HKS Direct Deposit Remover (DDR)

  • Strong and easy removal of carbon deposits within the combustion chamber and spark plugs.
  • It is a gasoline additive that restores the original performance of the engine.
  • One bottle (225 ml) is added to 75 liters of gasoline. It is easy to administer, just pour it into the fuel tank when refueling vehicle.
  • It is compatible for carburetors and direct injection engines. Product is applicable to all gasoline cars.
  • Continuous use is recommended when there is heavy carbon deposits present in your engine.

While Stocks Last!!!

The below pictures are for illustration purposes only.

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