As we finally come to end of the Circuit Breaker period, some form of normalcy is expected to resume for businesses in Singapore, including ours at Garage R! We will officially be accepting servicing appointments for the period of 2nd June 2020 onward, and it will be on a first come first serve basis! Please call our workshop at 64539136 or drop us a text message at 9657 5947 to pre-book your slot! We are also excited to share with you what the Garage R has been doing for the last few weeks to improve customer service and satisfaction, and as we begin to resume our operations as per normal, we will also be running several promotions for you!

1) Online Retail
We have started to list our products that we retail on our online shop at! This platform will allow customers to know what we  have available for their specific car make and model, mentioning prices and also, photos for viewing pleasure! We are constantly adding new products onto the platform so do stay tuned! If you are unable to find the item that you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us to enquire about stock availability and price quotations!

We have organized the products available into their respective categories (exhaust, suspension, intake, etc) and added in a search box for you to specify what you are looking for! We have received very good feedback from our customers over the last 2 weeks of going live, one even mentioning that he can now view what parts are available for his car on one single page. Now isn’t that helpful!  

2) Welcome Back Servicing Voucher
For the period of June, we do understand that there will be a high number of people that will come in for servicing! To welcome you back, we will be giving you a servicing voucher of $20 that will be valid for the next 6 months from the issue date. Welcome back!

3) Promotions
– HKS Suspension
We are currently offering a 20% discount off all retail prices on HKS Suspension systems! HKS employs a Single Tube design damper that are possibly the best choice for street, sport and comfort in driving. It will help to achieve ideal traction in any conditions for an excellent driving performance. All suspension systems in our line-up are made in our factory in Japan to produce the best quality products.
– Dixcel Products
We are currently offering a 25% discount off all retail prices on Dixcel products. Dixcel is our brand of choice for high performance and quality brake pads & rotors from Japan. The products range from street driving use to extreme motorsports use, boasting the best coverage for both Japanese and Euro cars!

We cannot wait to go back to full operating capacity and resume our normal operating hours from Monday to Friday 10am-7pm, and Saturday 10am-5pm. Do take note that we are still closed on Sundays and public holidays. Please be assured that safe distancing measures, temperature taking and Safe-entry check-ins are still in place to ensure your safety during your visits. Hand sanitizers are provided as well. We look forward to seeing you soon at Garage R and we hope that you continue to remain safe and healthy as we enter Phase 1 of the Safe Reopening as mentioned in: