SOLD OUT! Garage R was the first to import the Brand New Suzuki Swift Sport ZC33S (Auto and Manual) into Singapore 1 year ago and we are very excited to announce that we have officially sold out all our existing units! However, for those who have been sitting on the fence about this car, it is time again to once reconsider this pocket rocket with a bold new color option- orange with the dual new hero two-tone paint option (as seen in pictures above and below).

This will be the latest face-lifted edition that is introduced for car enthusiasts to choose from a wider range of color options to match ever-changing taste and preferences for customers for the exterior look. Also, it is believed to have improved safety and digital technology that comes as an optional top up to the basic package being offered. That being said, there are no mechanical changes, meaning the 1.4-litre turbo engine continues, sending torque to the front wheels through six-speed manual or automatic transmission options.

What do you think about the new color and dual-tone options available?