Why you should never use old and/or worn out tyres.
Old and worn out tyres may have cracks on the side walls, bulges on the surface or little to no tread left. In those cases, it is best that you get your tyres changed as it can result in lesser grip, increased fuel consumption, a higher chance of aquaplaning and an increased braking distance.
This can lead to accidents and increased costs of car ownership.

How do I know when to change my tyres?
To know when to change your tyres, look for the tyre tread wear indicators located at the sidewalls or inside the grooves of your tyres. If the treads of your tyres are flush with the tyre wear indicators, it is a sign that you should get new tyres.
Tyres don’t spoil when stored properly but if they aren’t, check for cracks or bulges appearing on the surface.
Also, even though the Land Transport Authority (LTA) legally requires that the tread of your tyres should be no shorter than 1.6mm, you should consider changing your tyres before you hit that mark as by the time you are closing in on that mark your tyre’s performance should have already deteriorated significantly.

Why you should get higher quality tyres.
Tyres from reputable brands compared to cheaper run-of-the-mill tyres are made with the highest of standards. They normally have a longer lifespan, more grip, better handling feel and more comfort compared to ordinary, cheaper tyres.
They do cost slightly more but in the long run, they give a better value for money compared to those ordinary and cheap tyres as the benefits of using higher quality tyres far outweighs the costs of the tyres itself.

Why should you bring your car to Garage R for a tyre change?
Here at Garage R, our wide variety of tyres are stored away from direct sunlight to prevent tyre damage by UV rays, we have highly skilled mechanics who are well trained to operate the tyre changing machines, and our friendly staff can advise on what tyres and sizes are best suited for your needs!
We carry mainly Dunlop, Michelin, Yokohama, Goodyear, Pirelli, Kumho and Bridgestone!
So what are you waiting for? Get your brand new set of tyres at Garage R today!