The Honda Vezel/ HRV has undoubtedly the largest number of registered cars in Singapore, branding itself as the number one mainstream “mass market car”. Don’t believe us? At every traffic light stop, look around, and we can be sure to say that there is a nearly 100% chance that there is a Honda Vezel/ HRV lurking around nearby. Another interesting fact is that we are seeing more and more Honda Vezels also donning performance and aesthetic upgrades, which has become a market trend and culture for the car scene in Singapore. In respect to that, we do offer 2 variants of LTA Compliant HKS exhaust lineups SPECIALLY for the Honda Vezel/ HRV; the HKS Silent Hi-Power and the HKS Legamax Premium.

HKS Silent Hi-Power (Photo as seen above):

HKS Legamax Premium:

Both HKS models are one of the most popular exhaust systems till date for the Honda Vezel; the HKS Silent Hi Power being more of the classic cannon-shaped muffler look with a lower and louder bass sound output and the HKS Legamax Premium being more of the general aesthetic appeal of the overall look on the car. Ultimately, we do understand that everyone has different taste and preferences so at least we do provide you the options of either of the two to suit your needs and wants for a rear muffler upgrade.

For more information on the HKS exhaust systems available and other applicable parts for the Honda Vezel / HRV and/or your car you are driving, please feel free to reach out to us via Facebook ( or email at! Alternatively, you can make your way down to our location at 8 Tagore Drive, S787624! We look forward to seeing you soon!