There are many uncertainties when buying a USED CAR, and that is why we highly encourage you to bring your car for a pre-evaluation check!

For one, it is very important to know how many previous owners the car had. You can find this information on the vehicle log card that can be retrieved on LTA website. If there is a high number of previous owners, one underlying reason is because the car is too problematic and thus, previous owners are motivated to sell.

Secondly, the car mileage. There are many incidents of owners who illegally tamper with their mileage to make it seem as though the car has been rarely used. While this might seem like an easy and good cover up, the condition of the interior parts (under the hood, vehicle, etc) don’t lie. If the wear and tear DOES NOT justify the mileage displayed, then clearly, the seller has something to hide and you might be getting yourself a ticking bomb.

Thirdly, aftermarket parts. In most places, when a car has an aftermarket part that is slapped on, the dealer’s warranty WILL BE VOIDED. This is because installing these modifications might damage the other parts that are covered in the warranty. As such, most people are concerned whenever there is an aftermarket upgrade to the car because it might have actually caused some damage to its surrounding parts. The fact that these are not stock also means that it might not be LTA-compliant. You would not want to be penalized by LTA when you unknowingly have a NON-LTA compliant upgrade do you? Therefore, it is very important to know what the previous owner has done and whether they are legal modifications.

Lastly and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the repairs needed. When you buy a car, the current condition of ALL the parts (internal and external) HAVE TO BE INSPECTED. Only through a thorough pre-evaluation check will you know the things that need to be changed SOON (within the next few months) and this could mentally and financially prepare you whether you are down to commit to the car purchase. This is the ultimate DEAL-BREAKER because these repair works can range from a few hundred to a few thousands, and to be fair to the new buyer, he HAS TO KNOW THESE REPAIR COSTS.

At Garage R, we have technical professionals who will go through a comprehensive assessment for this list of parts during pre evaluation: Exterior, Interior, Under The Hood, Under The Vehicle, Luggage Compartment and Road Test. There will be a final report that will be provided and explained in detail to the person who requested for the checks as well. If you are buying a second hand car, don’t forget to book your pre-evaluation appointment at Garage R (+65 6453 9136) today!!!