There are many ways of rebuilding an engine, because there are many different needs a user might have. Some look for longevity, some look for performance; daily driven performance, track driving, drag racing and so on. Contrary to popular belief, it is always recommended to rebuild while your engine is in working order as you can reuse existing parts, rather than to spend more on replacement or new parts. Take a look at these signs to look out for and the process/ benefits of an engine rebuild!

Signs to look out for
1. Engine Knocking/ pinging as a sign and something must be done asap
There will be repetitive tapping sounds that are coming from your engine that becomes louder and faster as you accelerate.
2. Engine Overheating
There are issues with the cooling system and there might be vibrations or knocking sounds as well.
3. Increased Engine Oil Consumption
There might be oil leaks and issues with your spark plugs and injectors.
4. Smoke from Exhaust
There might be excess oil being burned or may point to worn valve seals, piston rings or turbochargers.

Process of engine rebuild
1. Deconstruction and cleaning of parts
Engine and accessory removal, top end removal, valve-train, camshaft removal, bottom end (connecting rods, pistons, main bearings, crankshaft), etc.
(by deconstructing the engine an experienced engine builder is able to know how it was driven – what type of driver u were)
2. New Internal components
Assessing and replacing parts that have underlying issues.
3. Fixing Back, running in the motor and tune!

Benefits of engine rebuild
1. Choose to have it rebuilt to add new features and upgrade it, performance, efficiency and power
2. Enjoy it like its brand new, better fuel consumption, no sounds, performance regained
3. Since all of your parts and components are thoroughly cleaned and inspected during an engine overhaul, an experienced builder will be able to spot minor issues that you might not have even noticed yet.
4. Tuners can decide the compression of cylinders as aftermarket pistons and head gaskets are available to for almost all makes and cater to desired application. Allowing you to build the right engine for the right application that you desire.
5. Forged pistons are usually used for Motorsports as they’re proven to be lighter than mass produced pistons and able to withstand high heat stress, improving operations at higher loads.

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