What can ECU tuning do for your car?
ECU tuning can be an extremely cost-effective way to either improve horsepower and torque, improve your fuel economy, improve performance and drivability or improve throttle response. When installing performance modifications such as a cold air intake, exhaust etc., you may or may not need to tune your ECU to be able to get the most out of your modification.

ECU Tuning at Garage R
When it comes to tuning, we at Garage R partner with other tuning professionals to ensure that our customers get the best setup for their vehicle and that they are satisfied with.
Our partners include,

1. BMS Tuning
BMS Tuning is an automotive tuning company founded by Andrew Khoo in 2006. Initially only tuning Subarus, they have since been able to tune almost every car make in the market! They have a team of passionate tuners with more than 20 years of experience combined and they also have their very own dynamometer from Mustang Dynamometer which is a leading brand in the industry! Other than ECU tuning, they also do TCM tuning for that faster shifting of gears! You can check out their website here!

BMS Tuning carries and tunes: COBB, Dastek Unichip, DimSPORT, EcuTek, Haltech, KTuner, Link Engine Management and Syvecs Powertrain Control.

2. ST Powered
At ST Powered, their tuning services will be carried out by their in-house tuner, Mr Jun Furukawa. He has accumulated over 20 years of experience tuning race cars, allowing them to push to their maximum potential. You can check out their website here!

At ST Powered, they carry and tune: APEXi Power FC, APEXi S-AFC/V-AFC/AFC-Neo, COBB, DimSPORT, EcuTek, GReddy E-Manage/E-Manage Ultimate/V-Manage, Hondata, HKS F-CON V Pro/F-CON iS and MoTec.

Tuning for the Suzuki Swift Sport ZC33S and Other Cars
The Suzuki Swift Sport ZC33S was a car that tuning companies have long awaited for! Even before the Suzuki Swift Sport ZC33S was officially released, various aftermarket performance companies had already begun developing a slew of aftermarket performance products to enhance the performance of the ZC33S. For example, check out the list of performance parts that HKS has for the Swift ZC33S here!