Benefits Of A Wheel Alignment Service

What are the benefits of a wheel alignment and what does it involve? Getting a wheel alignment can increase your fuel efficiency, reduce expensive auto repairs, experience smoother driving, improve vehicle safety and increase the lifespan of your tyres. Normally a wheel alignment consists of the mechanic adjusting the toe, Read More

The Garage R ZC33S

It has been nearly a decade since the release of a Garage R edition performance car. In the past, these cars constituted of the infamous Honda Civics (EG and EKs), followed by the Mitsubishi Evolutions (CT9A and CZ4As) and finally the Nissan GTRs (R35). It was partly due to the Read More

HKS Super Oil Servicing

Why Is Engine Oil Change Important? It is essential to change your engine oil on a routine basis because it serves as a lubricant to protect your vehicle internal components, especially your engine. In fact, while the main function of engine oil is lubrication, there are other advantages such as Read More