What are the benefits of a wheel alignment and what does it involve?
Getting a wheel alignment can increase your fuel efficiency, reduce expensive auto repairs, experience smoother driving, improve vehicle safety and increase the lifespan of your tyres.
Normally a wheel alignment consists of the mechanic adjusting the toe, camber and caster of a vehicle to ensure that the car’s wheels and axles are squared so that they move in the same direction. However, other components may be changed as well depending on the customer’s preference and if you are looking to change your car’s alignment for a trackday, mechanics can also adjust your suspension to improve handling and performance.

Three signs that indicate you should go for a wheel alignment.
The first sign is, you are driving down a relatively straight and flat road and your steering wheel is pointed straight but your car keeps on pulling to one side. A car without wheel alignment issues will only require you to keep the steering wheel pointed straight when driven down the same road.
The second sign is, your tyres have uneven or unusual wear patterns. If you rotate your tyres routinely and keep them inflated appropriately, your tyre wear pattern should be even. If after rotating your tyres and inflating them correctly and the tyres still show uneven or unusual tyre wear patterns, your wheel alignment or camber needs to be corrected.
The third sign is, your steering wheel is turned to the right or the left partially and your car is still travelling in a straight line.

If you spot any of these signs on your vehicle, it’s best to head down to an alignment shop to get it rectified as having to make constant steering corrections poses a risk especially to less experienced drivers and having misaligned wheels can increase fuel consumption!

Why should you bring your car to Garage R for a wheel alignment service?
Here at Garage R, we invest in the latest wheel alignment technology from Hunter Engineering and we have very experienced mechanics to ensure that our customers get the best alignment service!
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