Celebrate the “Niu” year with our “3+1” Service Rewards Program that has been tailored exclusively to give you better savings when you service your car at Garage R! We have decided to make it a hassle free experience when it comes to maintaining your car and reward you with 1x FREE SERVICING for choosing us as your preferred workshop provider.

Choose from our wide range of engine oil specifications that will be ideal for your car make and model (Japanese, European, American, etc) and allow us to do the rest as we offer the perfect combination of quality products and workmanship to prepare you ahead of your car ownership journey. Furthermore, we are delighted to announce that we will be expanding the Garage R sales team to service you better as we believe in building long term relationships with our customers! Do let us know what we can do to better assist you as we approach the lunar new year and we will do our best to continue to meet your every need and demand!

What better way than to start of the new year with the “3+1” Service Rewards Program? Get yours today!